Canyon Nerve XC7 - 2006

terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2006


O meu mail:
Hello, i send you the mesuring and other specs (for A, B, C, and D, see the image measuring copy.gif)
A- 38 cm
B- 79 cm
C- 60 cm
D- 45 cm
174 cm

1 - a sportily comfortable seating position
2 - one sportily run moderate position
I prefer a position for long distance (30/40 kms and, some times, 80/100kms)
I wait for your answer for more details.
Excuse all the e-mails but you have to understand the dificulty of comunication between us. My english is elementary and i have to translate many information includes in your web site (first german to english and then, english to french).
Thank you very much
In portuguese, Obrigado
I´m very please be a futur canyon bike owner

Thanks for Your measurements. Size M will be fine for Your needs. An order is already running; the bike will be ready for shipping middle of february. Unfortunatally, neither me nor one of my collegues do speak portugese.
Kind regards,

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