Canyon Nerve XC7 - 2006

sábado, janeiro 07, 2006


O meu mail:
I´m interest in buy the XC6 model and pay by bank transfer.
Please, send me the information about account to send to. About the size, why not a S frame??? To little for me??? I think a 18,5 inches a little big, don´t you agree? But if you say de M, it´s ok for me.
In case of a problem with the frame in the next 5 years (i hope not), i have to shipping it to Germany?
Thank you for the soon answer.

we would send You the invoice with all information for the bank transfer as soon as the bike is ready for shipping.
Concerning the frame size: Please measure Your inseam length (attached You find a guidance how to measure correctly). According to Your body height, size M should be correct. Only if You want a very sportive seating position, frame size S could be right.
In case of warranty You can ship the bike or the damaged part to us or we ask You to go to a local repair shop. In both cases, we will refund Your expenses.
Please submit Your address and phone number so we can handle Your order.
Kind regards

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